Choose-OS errors

Here's a list of some special error conditions and descriptions. Not all errors are listed here at all.
"xxx and yyy overlap."
Coordinates of some images/timer on the screen are over each other.

"Invalid xxx-coordinate for yyy."
"Menu X coordinate invalid"
"Timer coordinates invalid"
"Invalid coordinates"
A coordinate is out of range.

"Loading... forced too low."
The message "Loading image_name..." was forced too low. This is caused by coordinates of timer/some image beeing too low.

"Hole in xxx."
There's an uncoverable hole (null-block) in a file.

"xxx: Not a Choose-OS binary."
A file doesn't contain a valid Choose-OS header.

"xxx: Incorrect version."
A Choose-OS binary is of incorrect version (i.e. not the same version as the installer)

"xxx is too big for a loader."
Loader module is too big.

"Maximum number of loaders exceeded."
You are using too many different OS-specific loaders.

"What iz thiz? Outta memory????"
Believe me, this cannot happen unless your system really sucks.

"Invalid harddisk geometry gotten."
There's something wrong with the harddisk geometry gotten from kernel.

"Dunno how to handle device xxx."
A device is not a valid harddisk (IDE,SCSI or XT) or floppy drive.

"(xxx:yyy): No such device in /dev"
Choose-OS was unable to find a device in /dev.

"xxx internal error !!!"
Internal errors are not likely to occur.

"xxx is of invalid size"
A file is of invalid size.

"xxx not compiled in. Please recompile."
A feature you're trying to use is not compiled in and you must recompile .

"xxx: kernel too big !"
Kernel image is too big (doesn't fit in conventional memory). If it is a bzImage try using big_linux instead of linux.

"xxx: Unknown header format - cannot load high."
"Cannot support initrd - kernel header has unknown format"
A linux kernel has unrecognized header format and therefore certain feature cannot be used. Probably an old kernel.

"Couldn't find MemTotal in /proc/meminfo"
There's something wrong with your system...

"Initrd must be loaded above 2M"
"For bzImage initrd must be loaded above 6M"
You have given an invalid initial ramdisk load address.

"Error resizing mapfile"
You don't have enough disk space for mapfile?????

"xxx might NOT be accesible by thy bios!!!"
With the geometries gotten from kernel the cylinder number for a sector in a file exceeds 1023 and thus cannot be loaded with bios and may cause the system to be unbootable. If your bios uses different geometries you may still have a chance.

There has been a serious error condition and you might not even be able to boot your system:
  1. Try reinstalling.
  2. If it still doesn't work try changing the files and reinstalling.
  3. Try LILO
  4. Get some help. Do not turn off your computer.