Release notes and other stuff


Included a quick-fix to the swaphd/fd feature which is still unfuctional (read: doesn't work. bugs.). See swaphdfd.tar.gz for more info.

Fixed a bug that could cause partition table be trashed when in verbose mode. Thanks to Adrian Johnson <> for fixing this while I was looking for the bug somewhere else...


This version just fixes one major bug that occured on every new installation of chos. Thanks to <> for point out what I was doing wrong.


This version just has some bug fixes and a few new features.


There are lots of new features and some bug fixes.
This could even be version 0.9 but I'm running out of version numbers ;)
I have also written a nice add-on which uses the new single-shot autoboot feature, rebooter. You can use it to shutdown your system, reboot your system and directly boot any of the images listed in chos mapfile!