Visual Chos

Version 0.8, (c) Andreas Blome 1997.

Visual Chos is an X11 frontend to Choose-OS. It is written in TCL/TK, one of the best programming languages :-)). With Visual Chos you can easily generate configuration files for Choose-OS. It is also possible to preview the bootmenu as it would look at boottime. So you can see where the menu entries and the timer would be displayed and change the position until you like the result. In one of the next versions it will be possible to set the position interactive (move the entries around).


  • TCL 7.6
  • TK 4.2
  • Choose-OS V0.8
  • od (for previewing the dump background)

    To Do:

  • speed up the preview if a dump background is selected (TCL is not fast handling binary files)
  • make Visual Chos real "visual", allow to move the position of the menu, the timer and even each single menu entry.
  • write a own file select box, the build in tk fileselect box can only select files and not directories (needed for the bindir option).
  • fix Bugs
  • add upcomming Choose-OS features

    If you find Bugs or have a improvement idea feel free to contact me: <>