Copyright and Credits

Choose-OS version 0.84, Copyright (c) Tuomo Valkonen 1996-1998.

Legal Stuff:

Choose-OS is free software distributed on as-is basis and comes absolutely with no warranty. Therefore shall the author in no way be responsible for any kind of damage possibly caused by the use or abuse of the program or mistakes in the documentation or samples. The author shall in no way be liable for possible infringements on copyrights, trade secrets or any patents by any part of the program. As the program is free software, you are allowed and even encouraged to copy and distribute it to your friends and everyone else as long as they're not paying for the software itself. You are allowed to use the sources but if you do so, the resulting software must be placed under a free software license and the original author(s) must be given the appropriate credits. Batteries not included. Some assembly may be required. Keep away from small children.


Tuomo Valkonen <,> Well, what can I say. I've written thousands of lines of code and spent lots of painful hours debugging it just to offer you a better boot loader. I do hope ya like it and let me know if you do (or why you don't).
Andreas Blome <> Visual Chos
Bootsector rewrite feature.
Bernhard Ehlers <> Lots of bug fixes
A few background images
Improved background image support
Improved command line editing
Don Mahurin <> See What's new parts 1 and 2

Thanks and other:

Antti Andreimann <> for making an RPM package and upping it to and of course for bug reports and suggestions.

The penguin background is based on the work of Vince Weaver <,>

See the contrib/ directory.

I also wish to thank everyone (you are many) not listed here who have helped me develop Choose-OS by reporting bugs and giving me improvement ideas. I have also received patches and bug fixes from people not mentioned here and I'm sorry if your name should be especially mentioned here and it is not. (Most of the unmentioned patches/fixes I received in the pre-0.8 era and I didn't keep a credits list then :( )